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Thread: RP- Wedding Bliss@Faeblight (Allesha)

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    Default RP- Wedding Bliss@Faeblight (Allesha)

    Hello all!
    I have attempted to make a cute wedding dimension for Rifts rp community on Faeblight

    Please note the character owner is Allesha , title is : RP-Wedding Bliss

    If time, have a peek and see if you like it. I have never rp, so forgive me if there are certain things I missed or didnt think of.

    I transferred an alt to the shard so it currently has only 1 vote in order to appear in the weekly search...so please do check it out while its on the weekly list (in case it gets lost in cyberspace after this week) lol
    Was very happy to wrap it up before heading to ffxiv for a while, and I do hope the rp community can get some use from it.

    Here are some pics, there is a main church for larger weddings and a smaller area on the seashore for those that prefer that setting. One small house area up top for the happy couples night.

    have fun and please do feel free to use it anytime.

    RP- Wedding Bliss@Faeblight  (Allesha)-wedding2.jpgRP- Wedding Bliss@Faeblight  (Allesha)-wedding9a.jpgRP- Wedding Bliss@Faeblight  (Allesha)-wedding6.jpgRP- Wedding Bliss@Faeblight  (Allesha)-wedding3.jpgRP- Wedding Bliss@Faeblight  (Allesha)-wedding8.jpgRP- Wedding Bliss@Faeblight  (Allesha)-wedding5.jpg

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    Love the structure. I have a thing for limestone.
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    "wow---that dimension is absolutely breathtaking!" TY.
    "No...No, this is NOT like Lincoln Logs at all!" (Meh)
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    why ty , I love the limestone as well.

    Im hoping to keep it on faeblight for the rp, they need loving too!

    When I transferred it there I realized that I couldn't find it , it would not show in a search as it had no votes and the minimum on faeblight is 10ish it seems? I think it was that number in order to show in a search.

    Im hoping to get at least 10 votes before it resets the "week" or else I think it will be lost in cyberspace and I hate to have that happen, doest need anymore then that and that's cool with me

    I really want it available for anyone who needs it in the future that's all.

    As far as I can tell unless you have the minimum votes either in "all time" or weekly, typing the name of the dimension or the owner still wont show it?
    One can get away with a lot less even 0 on wolfsbane as there are a lot less dimensions to begin with,

    Now I could be 100% wrong..but I definitely couldn't find it until I gave it my vote so if I ever disappears..thats why not cause I removed it!!

    at any rate its there for now and I hope some couples do indeed get some enjoyment out of it!!

    have fun and all the best!

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