Port Elensar

Area: Shoreward Island
Owner: Alleyana
Server: Necropolis

Hey guys!

First of all I'd like to say sorry for posting this twice but the first one didn't have any screenshots on the first post. Now that I'm done with everything I'll be showing a lot of different views of my dimension.

It's my first dimension and I started a few days ago. It's situated in Shoreward Island. The dimension I've tried to set up is one that focuses heavily on realism. You'll see this with the layout of columns and supports throughout the entire project.

The idea behind the project was mainly to create a port that would house trading ships travelling between Freemarch and Silverwood. It's a neutral bay for people to dock and exchange goods. The implementation of the structure was mainly done through materials feasible to the area, mainly wooden beams and platforms. The area is also infused with a variety of greenery to make the area feel more natural and lush.

Hillside View

Port Elensar - Final-hillside.jpg

Front Entrance

Port Elensar - Final-front-entrance.jpg

Ground Floor

Port Elensar - Final-ground-floor.jpg

Living Area

Port Elensar - Final-living-area.jpg


Port Elensar - Final-bedroom.jpg

Southern Corridor

Port Elensar - Final-western-corridor.jpg

Southern Entrance

Port Elensar - Final-western-view.jpg


Port Elensar - Final-underwater.jpg

View from the Sea

Port Elensar - Final-rocks.jpg


Port Elensar - Final-docks.jpg


Port Elensar - Final-bar.jpg

Under the Stilts

Port Elensar - Final-under-stilts.jpg


Port Elensar - Final-underpass.jpg


Port Elensar - Final-kitchen.jpg

Outdoor Dining Area

Port Elensar - Final-dining.jpg

I highly suggest visiting during the night as a large part of the appeal of the dimension is in its lighting. Once again sorry for the long and double post.

P.S. I've hidden a bunch of chests with a green glow somewhere near the structure. You guys are welcome to try and find it. It's not hidden that well though.

Owner: Alleyana
Shard: Necropolis (NA)