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Thread: Dimension Idea/Suggestion

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    Default Dimension Idea/Suggestion

    Hiya peoples,

    Had a random idea today while at work thinking about dimensions... I don't know about you guys but I would love to see a way to link my own dimensions together... Whether this be through a portal or a seamless transition from one to the next.

    What do you guys think? Could make for some interesting dimension ideas

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    I could see this being useful for people who like making puzzles/mazes to make a seamless transition from the end of one to the beginning of another. Or a slide that drops you into a completely different dimension! If this is too complicated to do we could at least have signs to encourage people on to the next dimension.

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    in this vein, i would love a way to be able to set where someone enters a dimension from. or is there a way*that im just not finding?

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    When I played Glitch we had "neighborhoods" connected by street signs with people's names you could click on and visit their street (sort of like dims in Rift). I'd love to be connected to some friends' dims and create a seamless experience.

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