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    need a little help with how to make bone dragon shoulderblades and pelvis on my dragon im making. and could use some ideas on how to make it look like he is breathing flames, preferably black flames but red would work.
    name is nubin, on seastone server. Plaza Dimension
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    Hey there, Zantik. I suggest you post in the Dimension forum. This will guarantee a ton of helpful replies.

    You could use the double volcanic vent as nostrils. Your dragon will "breath" black smoke. You should find them under "landscaping" items in the Rift store.

    Here are some great sites targeted towards dimensions and Rift:

    Rift Scene (post here if you decide to make an account and post on the forums there )

    Rift Dimension has a list of pretty much all the times that are available

    As for should blades, I would say it depends on the size of your dragon. There are a few skulls available that could be turned to act as shoulder blades or you could check out some of the bone flooring and pillars.
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