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Thread: Probable dumb question...

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    Default Probable dumb question...

    I hope I'm explaining this right.

    Okay. I'm a Patron, and have two active dimension slots. The first one was Auditorium Carnos, and the second was Faen's. I got tired of Auditorium and decided to get the Temple of the Abandoned dimension. I click the Temple to make it active in the number one slot....and it makes it active, but in the second slot instead.

    Hmm. Ok. I go back to the number one slot, and Temple of the Abandoned isn't one of the choices. So I go back to the number two slot and make a random dimension active to over write it. I go back to the number one page, and it was available as a choice again. Yay! I click it...and it makes it active in the number two slot again. The number one is now Kestrel's Ravine, for some reason.

    I fiddle around for a good 15-20 minutes, trying to move the active and inactive dimensions around so I can get Temple in the first active dimension slot. Eventually I give up, and contact a gm. No answer yet.

    Is this a bug? Is there some obvious answer I'm over looking? Did a miss a patch note saying Temple can't be in the first active dimension slot? It's active in the second one, which is okay, I guess. I can still use it. I'd really rather it be the first one, though.

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    We can now have up to 10 active dimensions on one character. Maybe the loyalty leprechauns are at play to encourage this so make it a little more tricksey?
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    Unfortunately we can't pick which dimension we want in which slot, we pick which one to replace it with but the order gets rearranged according to the order you bought them in. What you can do if you're not using the second dim is buy a new cheap one and have both it and the Temple active. Temple of the Abandoned should then be in your first slot and the new one should be in the second slot.

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    It's as Akhor said, the dimensions are generally slotted in the order you purchase them, not necessarily in the order you wish they were. So far as I've ever been able to tell, you cannot change this positioning.

    I do have 10 active dimensions on my main, and I don't even mess with that little arrow thing unless I need to change permissions on a particular dimension. I put myself on my friends list for the Maliana achievement a while back, and now it's just easier to scroll down that list. Out of sight, out of mind, so far as the order of the dimensions goes.
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    Your own keys and guild keys you can drag to a hot bar. I just scrolled through the main bar arrows to get some empty space and drag all my keys down there. No opening window every time I want to go to a storage dim. AND I get to choose the order.

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    I added a couple slots and the order is illogical at best. Older dims were moved to the back, newest moved toward the top and a resurrected one moved to the middle. Made no sense to me.
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