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Thread: Can Dimension Zone size be increased?

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    Default Can Dimension Zone size be increased?

    This may seem like a dumb question but I could find the answer to whether you an increase the size of your dimension. I know you can increase the qty of items.

    If you're paying 300p for a dimension is it guaranteed to be larger?

    If someone can please answer this niggling question I would appreciate it.

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    Unfortunately, no. The only thing you can increase is the item amount.

    I've considered trying to bribe the stunningly beautiful and exceptionally talented goddess of dimensions herself with shallow flattery and a handful of unmarked $1's, but I have a feeling it's a lost cause.

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    All dimensions grow in size that size goes up more often than across.

    The best way to see this would be to do the beginner quest to get the smallest dimensions then spend 10 plat to get the next. Acquire the Magic Carpet add on and fly each one. I have empty dimensions I'm happy to to open up to you and a spare ochre rug you need for the add on if you're a hands on visual like me kiwimidget@deepwood.
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