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Thread: Mini Footy Stadium Reconstructed!

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    Default Mini Footy Stadium Reconstructed!

    If you never got to see what my dimension looked like before, the post below has a few screen shots on


    So after getting all lvl 60 SH ages ago and getting the soccer ball goal, wasn't till i realized all lvl 62 SH gave a soccer ball for dimensions only!
    So i ended up farming hard for it and on 8th of july i eneded up getting the ball and started to check the new dimension items since 2.3. My god there was alot and came up with the idea to redo my dimension seeing as i could get another 500 more items!

    This video below contains a Failed cinematic of my dimension, and then a few bugs i found also.

    By any chance can u fix the ball bug so can use all field?
    Also add more reactive's on ball ? ;) (slide tackle, save, pass, shoot) << lol

    If u also have the ball, my dimension is currently Alfiexx@Zaviel and called 'Mini Footy Stadium'. If not, can maybe poke me n let u play ;)
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    Fantastic vid (and dimension, of course)!

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    Awesome dim and video! LOL at the swimming animation in the stadium!

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    This is fantastic! Magitech soccer matches...this could be a pvp warfront similar to huttball in swtor. This has given me an idea...

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