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Thread: Magicians Retreat

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    Default Magicians Retreat

    In the heart of Necropolis there's a forgotten oasis. The crazy magician Acroki is inviting guests to come see and comment on his retreat. Come check it out at Acroki @ Necropolis.
    Magicians Retreat-2013-08-16_122429.jpgMagicians Retreat-2013-08-16_122529.jpgMagicians Retreat-2013-08-16_122545.jpgMagicians Retreat-2013-08-16_122618.jpgMagicians Retreat-2013-08-16_122626.jpgMagicians Retreat-2013-08-16_122652.jpg

    Support the Necropolis dimensions ^_^

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    Support Necropolis indeed! Acroki's a great guy with a great Dimension, definitely stop by to see this one on necropolis. ^.^

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    So I'm standing there looking at this sign with an arrow pointing down, wondering what the heck it meant, and suddenly... whoosh!, I'm dropping down into who knows where, lol. I hadn't noticed I was in the new tower, and it took me completely by surprise when it happened!

    Fun ride aside, it's also a very, very cool dimension, and I admit I'm a little jealous of some of the ideas you had (particularly that fish tank in the Shimmersand house alcove ).

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