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Thread: Armor mannequins?

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    Default Armor mannequins?

    Are these in game? ..for the old armor sets from previous tier raids that we cannot sell or turn in for any credits? We earned these things that are completely useless by the next tier. why make us delete them? Can't we at least showcase our achievement in our dimensions?

    Speaking of showcasing our achievements. There should be dimension items for the harder to earn achievements.

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    Default Nope

    They don't exist, but they're an excellent idea. How about it, devs? Maybe you could tie them to achievements like raid completions instead of putting them in the store? I'd rather have more boss statues like Greenscale or Alsbeth, but mannequins would be nice too.
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    I think this is a great idea as well, just not linked to raids only. I don't raid simply because I don't have that many friends that play and I'd rather play with friends than go with a random group. There are sets I'd like to display, or even just have the ability to place an armor set in a blacksmiths house I make, etc. It's another way to personalize our house/dimension and I think it should be available to everyone.
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