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Thread: Lock ability PLEASE!

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    Default Lock ability PLEASE!

    Hey devs,

    You've done GREAT things with the dimensions. I especially like that now there are some VERY large buildings you can place in your dimension.

    What I DON'T like is when I inevitably select my building accidentally instead of a dimension item and then move the building which leaves hundreds of items out of place. Getting the building EXACTLY back the way it was is a pain.

    Please, for the large buildings, such as the towers, bars, etc. add the ability to LOCK an item in place so that at least we have to consciously unlock it before moving it!

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    can't you just hit 'escape' to reset the object's position? I do it all the time when i mis-click something. even when I move it to check out how it would look somewhere else, you can snap it back exactly how it was.

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    or failing that, use dimensional toolbox and save each building in a set, then you can always move them back.

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