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Thread: Changing Dimensions out and You...

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    Default Changing Dimensions out and You...

    Add a function to empty the moving crate all in 1 go... it's an extreme pain when you have to place stuff down 2000 times, then pick it all up 2000 times, just to place it all again 2000 times the way you want it to be...

    Point is, Add the option, cause the hair ripping out to stop, and personally mine is to have the game not crash cuz im putting stuff down to fast/picking it up to fast... been trying to empty mine for a week and I now give up due to mass repeating crashes (Game only crashes when im editing Dimensions, Makes ya wonder...)

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    They should add the option like you have in your dimension item list (which immediatly puts it in your backpack) to the moving crate. I really don't mind spamming that button 2000 times as much as do placing and removing 2000 items.

    Hell...make it a buy option in the credit store and i will throw even more money in Trion's wallet

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