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Thread: The containment walls

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    Default The containment walls

    Be careful building too close to the containment walls of the dimension. I built a nice house out over the water of Shoreward Island, kind of tucked into the pocket of space between the shore and the shimmering barrier. The plan was to continue building across the water in the direction of the mainland and take forever to run out of room.

    But sometime yesterday, the containment walls of the dimension moved and a few items, including the corner of the main structure ended up embedded in the shimmering containment walls. Annoying as hell. I made a ticket and they moved the barrier, but not nearly enough. It's not back where it was originally and its still visible if you walk to the edge of the structure. So be careful. These barriers are not fixed apparently and they can end up really stuffing up your dimension. I'm going to have to move a lot of stuff around to cover this and I'm not impressed.

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    That's odd!

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