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Thread: Stables, & Pet display

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    Default Stables, & Pet display

    I would really like it if Trion/Rift would have a couple of items that would allow us to display the various mounts we have, as well as allow us to display the many pets in the dimension full time.

    Maybe have a pet crate and a stable. You could make it that you have to have one for each pet and mount that you want to display. The Pet crates would have the pet limited to a certain area, and the stable would house the mount.

    My wife would like to see a Wardrobe or Armor dummy to display various looks she has had over her journey, or to show off sets she has collected.

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    I saw the livestream last friday with that Simon fellow, they were talking about possibly adding this! Looking forward to it!

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    Considering they have fixed copies of most of the common (pre F2P and not including event mounts) variety of mounts in the player cities I think this would be possible, hope we get it for sure!
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