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Thread: Problems with X and Z axis.

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    Default Problems with X and Z axis.

    I have seen many videos of dimension guides and toolbox guides. I'm seeing that when someone lays an item out, the xyz axis tool lines up with item. However, when I lay out like a wood plank, the x and z axis are off so in order to move the plank left or right, I have mess with both axis. It would be so much easier for the axis tool to line up with the object so putting in numbers in the toolbox would move the item left or right or back and fourth without needing to mess with both. Yet when I watch videos of others doing it, it always seems to line up with the item. Why is this an issue with me? Is there a setting I'm missing?

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    HI there, I've never heard of the problem that you're having before? In fact, I'm finding it hard to visualise.

    Yes, I know there's some dimensions out there where the "item grid" is different from the dimension grid, but ... when I put an item down I can move it left/right/up&down without any problems.

    This is providing of course that I don't mess with the rotation first! If I change the rotation first, then yes I would have the problems that you're seeing.

    Perhaps I can visit you on your shard/dimension and you can show me what the problem is?
    PM me here with shard/toon name. Or, we can talk about the issue on the dimension vent channel.
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    I think this is common in all but a few dimensiosns. The main focus is off angle from the item movement. Try building your item first and then rotaring the whold thing

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