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Thread: Dimension Items

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    Default Dimension Items

    any idea if the Dev team will create crafting dimension items

    i.e. working forge, workbench etc?

    also decorations like more weapons and a armour set on display stand?

    so you can make your dimension more like the game

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    Above is a "State of Dimensions Report" Thread many people start new threads that get lost pretty quickly so add your thoughts there but also take a few mins to quickly browse, a lot of requests are repeated. Not a criticism just an observation BUT to answer your question Trion have stated they have no intention of adding the means to craft in Dimensions to keep cities alive. Considering we can now open banks, mailboxes and buy off store it seems like a good balance cause i just stand in Sanctum to afk out listening to the music in the main hall or in Tempest Bay to tickle my friends.

    Since 2.3 we have had more weapons etc added which is great and I could also see not wanting to entirely give us the means to recreate Rift scenerios or we'd stop going out to enjoy them heh

    Balancing Dimensions and Content must be a pita!

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