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Thread: Critter Dispensers

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    Default Critter Dispensers

    In case this doesn't exist anywhere in the game ATM, I thought I'd suggest it.

    Invisible prop you lay down that spits out critters up to a max of 3 or whatever and lets them wander about. They don't have to be killable or drop tears, but just be there to fill the scenery.

    Even better you could make them rewards like drop from critters or w/e.

    Say you made a nice forest dimension and you want to populate it with some bunnies and deer and what not.

    Fish for water would be cool too. It doesn't even have to be an actual animal, just an animation of a fish swimming about, like you could stick it in mid air and see a fish animation on loop for example.

    Taking it a step further, could even allow us to populate a dimension with NPC's that could be ordered to stay put or wander or patrol and we could give them text when talking to them, maybe even dialogue options for roleplayers.... but I'm getting ahead of my self now...

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    Ooh ooh "Critter Spitter"! I want.
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