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Thread: Hey PVP Dimensioneers!

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    Default Hey PVP Dimensioneers!

    I'm not that good at dimensions or I just don't spend enough time but I thought it'd be a good idea for us to already have thoughts about the new pvp dimensions ppl will be able to make =)

    What would you like to see in these dimensions?
    -Personally I want to see capture the flag and king of the hill type stuff =p and large intricate buildings so people can surprise each other =D

    What ideas would you like to see as far as themes or which dimensions to use?
    -I'd love a dormant core one and any big one in general. Maybe the temple of the lost would make a good small one!

    I hope some of you are already planning ahead! I think it'd be cool to have a melee friendly dimension for pvp so there aren't as many ranged fights all the time xD

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    Yup already planning ahead *winks* and I'm not really wanting to bombard the Devs too much at this stage with things we don't have knowing they will be applying things we have no idea about which will be some time off but I'm an eager beaver for the testing *cough hint hint* BUT what I would like to see is if you PvP and want this, get in here and make some noise. So here is what I offered too encourage this:

    Official Announcement & Details of the Grand Master Architect of Arena's 2013 Competition

    Click for Grand Master Architect of Arena's 2013 Entries

    Click for Grand Master Architect of Arena's Video promo

    Click for: Daglar Interview

    So come make an Arena and for your efforts you may win 10k plat.

    "The best way to get what you really want is to make the most of what you already have" Someone famous

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