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Thread: Barkeep is back

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    Default Barkeep is back

    Felt I was hijacking the other thread so started this.
    Bought the bar keep last night with 25 lucky coins, set him up and after some time (hour or so)
    went back and he was gone. Figured he must have been consumable, but after posting was informed the Barkeep should be there.

    Logged in for the few minutes I could and went to dimension and Barkeep was there, guess logging off last nite and relogging in this morning fixed whatever glitched.

    Couple of shots I quickly took before servers went down. Lots to do in there, just getting started with interior and exterior decorating and alike.



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    Hotfix today may help you out as all "yello" labeled items in dimensions have always be somewhat temperamental.

    Click for: Article 2.3 hotfix #13

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