Can't find the ye olde dev suggestion thread, so gonna be lazy and make a new one.

I don't recall seeing this suggested yet, so apologies if this is a repeat. You guys remember encountering some signs and statues in game when leveling that you can click on and it opens a text window? I know there's a few in the guardian starting area.

I think it'd be great if we had those for dimensions. A little sign on a stake or a small flyer board or something, that you can type a message on that visiting players could click and read the text box. Yes... I know.... trolls could use this feature too, but how nice would it be to leave a note on a sign near the zone-in of your dimension saying "Good luck finding the two hidden pathways!" Or Jump-maze over by the waterfall" or something. You can't always be in there to steer visitors around, so it'd be a great way clue guests in on what they might be missing.

As it would be clickable, they can even add it to the sparse interactive tab. Let it be character capped like an in-game mail, or a tweet. Just a nice way to pass along a short message. I'm sure RP dim makers could use the hell outta something like this too.