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Thread: Looking For Ideas

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    Default Looking For Ideas

    So I have been messing around with my dimension the past week and was hoping to find some people to take a look at it and give me some tips on where to go. I am trying to build a palace type place. So your interested it is Chateau Gauss or feel free to message me in game on Necropolis if I am on if you have some ideas for me.

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    Another thing I would suggest is touring other castles for inspiration. Maybe you'll see some things you missed or might not have thought about. This is usually how I find objects used other than "intended" and inspiration strikes

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    Jump into chat channels sometime in game after you take a little tour around and look at some Dimensions either built in the same Dimension as you OR same theme if people aren't busy they will try to come take a look. Awesome websites also out there available at the Resources thread stickied UP THERE *points*

    (North America) /join dimensionaddicts@deepwood
    (Europe) /join dimensionaddicts@argent

    Have a good weekend

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