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Thread: Flying Carpet addon

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    Default Flying Carpet addon

    I apologise if this is old news, I searched and did not find any mention of it on the forum, but I recently found an addon that lets you fly around your dimension, something I had been wishing was in the game so I didn't have to build construction scaffolding to get up to hard to reach areas in order to place an item.

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    There is no Ochre Rugs in the Auction, Not Crafted by Outfitters and Ther is NO SUch thing as an Ochre Rug

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    Quote Originally Posted by Need Stuff View Post
    There is no Ochre Rugs in the Auction, Not Crafted by Outfitters and Ther is NO SUch thing as an Ochre Rug
    Then what is this thing I can craft? I use that very addon to get around my own dimensions.

    Flying Carpet addon-ochre-rug.jpg
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    If you use Dimensiontools, it comes with its own version of this but uses the small round Bahmi table instead
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    I have mentioned it in guides and many articles on RDD and there has been plenty of mention on that awesome add on on forums its just over a year old so its been a while. We upgraded it to include the Round Tribal Table in Dimension Tools because its smaller so less obstruction when building.

    Both add ons offer are an awesome way to explore Dimensions and use as scaffolding for sure If you are on Greybriar/NA shards I have plenty spare Ochre Rugs for anyone who needs. (If I can find them now that is somewhere among the magnificent Minion mountain of items heh)

    EDIT: Magic Carpet and all your Dimension sites & needs are also available in the sticky post above: One Stop Dimension Resource Shop
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