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Thread: Ideas for Dimension Interactive Items

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    Default Ideas for Dimension Interactive Items

    Dimension Interactive Items:

    Fish Feeder:
    Put in the water in a dimension, it allows you to harvest fish there. There is a fish feeder type for each zone in the game. The Feeder then generates fish appropriate for that zone.
    Vault Keeper:
    Grants access to your vault from within your dimension. If the Vault Keeper is put in a guild dimension, the Vault Keeper grants access to the guild vault
    Craft Centers:
    One for each type of craft. These allow crafting within the dimension.
    Petting Zoo:
    Allows you to put a pet inside the petting zoo. The pet then wanders around the dimension within a set range of where the Petting Zoo was placed.
    Like the Fish Feeder, the Farmyard causes occasional spawn of the appropriate type of Farmyard. Each Farmyard represents one type o f plant.
    The Lumberyard allows you to harvest 1 type of lumber. This then causes occasional spawn of the appropriate gathering spot for that type of lumber.
    Core Tap:
    This interactive drilling assembly digs into the ground and generates occasional spawn of the appropriate metal type . Ex: Tin Core Tap, Iron Core Tap, etc…
    Healer Tent:
    This healer tent is ready to cure your spiritual woes for a slight premium price. (10% more expensive than normal healers)
    The Ranch houses a number of a specific type of animal for butchering. They are not group aggro but will defend themselves when attacked. Death in your dimension send you to the same place you’d go if you died while swimming in your dimension. The number of animals the Ranch supports is dependent on the size of your dimension.
    The stables allows you to house your additional mounts. Any mount put into the stables appears within the stable yards and wanders around.
    This object should be very rare and hard to come by (Complicated Quest or extremely rare artifact group reward) This portal allows you to teleport from your dimension to any portal point you are attuned to.

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    I like a lot of the things in your list but some of these are already available:
    • Patrons can summon a trainer, guild banker, personal banker.
    • Loyalty rewards include summoning a mailbox .
    • You can purchase your own pocket soul healer for 15k planarite in a capital city, summonable in your dimension.
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