I have turned my rogue's dimension into a giant necropolis...
Brooding on an airless meteor orbiting the red giant Betelgeuse at its furthest perimeter, this perennially dark space island is home to a race of undead cannibals.

Influenced by the aesthetics from Tim Burton's films, this dimension features an inhabited network of bone and sinew catacombs situated beneath a ritual platform on which human sacrifices take place...

Human is always on the menu here, as well as the occasional dragon whose bones definitely serve very beneficial architectural purposes.
There are memorials, mausoleums and a huge graveyard in memory of the eaten, and the inscriptions read; 'he tasted good', 'chewy legs...' etc

WiP, so is being added to and expanded.
Jumping puzzle and floating torture chambers incoming!

Drop by if you dare!
Just don't bother staying for dinner

Pawnstar, Death Star, Blightweald EU