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Thread: Moonshade Pools: Hideaway Inn

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    Default Moonshade Pools: Hideaway Inn

    Hello fellow Dimensioneers. I'd like to share with you something I've been working on since the moonshade pools dimension was released. The dimension is by no means done yet, as I've still got quite a lot of room to work with, but I figure with its current state it's good enough to show to the public.

    Main locations are the Hideaway Inn and the Hideaway Market.

    The market is 100% done as far as i'm concerned and I'm happy with how it looks, compared to how it was before. The Inn on the other hand isn't quite finished as I still have a completely empty room and a fairly one sided upstairs. The whole dimension plays off of the lore I've created for my characters so a lot of it is going to just look like random areas/room, but hopefully good looking random stuff!

    (there's also quite a bit of stuff strewn about the place that I hid/put in not so open spaces)

    Here's a few teaser images, I'll post a link to the screen shots album at the bottom. If anyone would like to visit the dim itself, it's on the Shatterbone shard, Character is Talami and the dim is called Hideaway Inn. Hope you all like it.






    Full Album


    Oh and uh, mind the leaky roof if you do decide to visit.
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