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Thread: Dome Tips?

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    Default Dome Tips?

    right now i'm building an observatory, and i'm trying to figure out how to build the dome.

    i'm using metal tiles, and having trouble getting everything to line up.

    any ideas to help?

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    Plane Touched
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    epcot center- google it that picture should help you some. Its the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of building a spherical object with a plane.

    If your problem is with the actual setup and not the desighn. For certian builds i have found it way easier to build it along the main x/y/z axis in the zone then move it after its complete. Using toolbox and following the main x/y/z axis allows for better control of edges.
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    Feendish has been using necropolis arches to make some really awesome domes. Saves a lot of item count too. I haven't started using toolbox myself but I would definitely recommend it for making your dome more precise.

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    I only just starting watching some youtube videos today on toolbox and I am converted. My next dimension will be made using this awesome add-on for sure!


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    After looking at observatories, you might have an easier time with things like the Necropolis Arch (domes made with this are lovely!), planks (as opposed to tiles) or maybe those velvet ropes (though I can see those adding up fast).

    I haven't made a dome, yet, but maybe this will help! You should post pics of your observatory

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    If I may point you to Hecateria@Laethys who has built a dome on Laethys & also toolbox guides by Rubeyrose@Laethys - they are a dynamic duo of epic building proportions who are very helpful and available @Rift Dream Dimensions

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