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    Default looking for feedback to ...

    ....help fix up my dim more. Trying to set up my 'Tower of Sorcery' dim and wondering on any ideas to fix/improve it, especially my glass rooms where on the outside, well, 'oh look a bunch of inverted elven coffee tables', dam table legs!!

    I think my tower for the most part is done overall, just trying to set stuff up in the outskirts so not done yet of course and getting worried about the item count now, lol.

    It's the shoreward island dimension of course on wolfsbane, char name is avrazar, named the dim - the sorcerer's inner sanctum (lol, will prob change that eventually or maybe not, I dunno). Some feedback would be appreciated, my feeble brain is trying to make it look neat, but not sure if I am succeeding, lol.

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    Hi Avaron.

    For someone on the run who doesn't have a lot of time to stop in places I do make video's of other people's dimensions for you to look at and their are many dimensions to go visit , take a day off chill and fly around your own shard then others (make a level 1 on every shard you are interested in)

    Narrow your choices by perhaps exploring Shoreward Islands only or if you have a specific theme look for those it is a lot of fun and often I would say hi to the Dimensioneer whose dimension I'm in who might be able to come to yours some time they are available in exchange.

    Also check out the pinned post above with all the resources there are other great sites also, chat channels in game, ventrilo and loads more.

    Hope that helps!
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