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Thread: Functionality

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    Default Functionality

    Some functionality that I'd really love to see addressed/added to our dimensions is the ability to invite others to our alts dimensions. Its very frustrating to try and show someone a public dimension of one of my alts but because they can't find it in the list or search it out, I have to log to that alt and invite the person as that alt so they can see it. I'd just like to see the same rights across the board for dimensions on the same account & server.

    I'd also like to be able to transfer ownership of a dim to an alt. It makes it easier to be able to have multiples active now but there are still some that I have that I'd like to transfer to one of my alts instead. Just a thought.

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    In another recent post Kit suggested using toolbox to save dimensions you've built then remake them on another toon, as an alternative to transferring the actual dim.

    As far as being able to invite from our alts, this is definitely needed. I tend to do most of my socializing from one toon and would love to be able to do all my invites without logging. Plus my combat main has completely broken chat boxes so I can't advertise in public or player chats to see if anyone would like an invite (when I eventually finish her dim lol).

    Another issue with this is the guild dimensions, my guild has ours on private but I'd still like to invite my friends in as I usually do while building for company/ideas. My guild leader wasn't even able to make the invites from the toon that bought the dimension oh and while we're at it, any word on being able to upgrade guild dims with credits? I was really hoping to do this for my guild.

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