Well there's only a couple results on these, so I figured that I'd posted everything I got from them, as I'm sure someone will benefit from it.

First box
Worn brown rug
Lantern on a chain
Worn red rug
Row of droughtland rocks
Straight string of carnival lanterns
Road barricade

Second Box:
Golden Teardrop Tree
Moraine Cairn
Large kelari staircase
Little granitewood stump
Dilapidated cart of hay
Everglowing suspended lantern
Death dragon jawbone (purple, yum)
Iron pine

Third box:
Pagoda lantern
Hanging granitewood roots
desert decoration
rooted firepetal
yule pine tree
colorful bedroll
fissured deathcap

Fourth box:
large pointed scarwood boulder
snowy boulder
rusty pointed boulder
bahmi incense burner
windy iron pine
one-handed weapon rack

Fifth Box:
Tall wood torch
Standing stone pillar piece
Large baobab
Small iron pine log
Flesh decoration
Long string of blue lights

Sixth box:
Long red and gold rug
Elven chair
leaning broadroot snag
stormwatch sentry turret
star nightglow window
buttercup clump
freemarch ground cover

Seventh box:

Ascendant gravestone
snowy hollow log
thick-stemmed pustule tree
yellow and green bed
mossy river rock

Eighth Box:
Mossy river rocks
snow covered crates
group of pines
magenta fern
water lily
wood and iron candelabra

Ninth box:
pagoda lantern
gloamwood fused rock
doctors test tube pillar
redstem fern
impatien and pansy
eth life-drain chamber
blue magitech orb

Tenth box:
Ashwood bed
hollow granitewood log
snowy fern
steel pickaxe
brevane rafflesia
cluster of droughtlands rocks
long red and gold rug

Eleventh box:

orange magitech orb
olive feather
open window
ore bin
elegant shrine
small cart of wood

Was it worth it? Possibly, that's for others to decide. I got a lot of useless white items, but I did get a couple event items and a lot less rocks than I expected (still too many). Personally, I don't believe I will buy one again.