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Thread: New Dimension Idea: Port Scion

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    Default New Dimension Idea: Port Scion

    I would love the streets and canal of port scion as a dimension.
    get rid of all the houses, except the center church
    I think it would be fun building our own city
    Guild dimension maybe?

    Opinions? Yes, no, maybe?
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    That's an idea, but all the cities Trion give us in dimension are MEGA fail:
    -Tempest bay: only a small area = useless
    -Hailol: just a little part. Impossible to do something interesting in a such little place.

    So il think it's a good idea, but we need all the city, not a little piece.
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    Shoreward Island has a HUGE area around the island. You can build far out on the water and of course up. It would be perfect for your idea. Plus, it sits in view of the smoking Port Zion

    I love that idea, btw!

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