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Thread: Queen of Stars

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    Default Queen of Stars

    If you're on Deepwood feel free to visit Queen of Stars.

    The lower part of this dimension is where the Caretakers live and where the Queen docks her warship. The upper part is the palace. I would love for you all to visit and let me know what you think. Thank you.
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    Queen of Stars-2013-06-25_122017.jpg  

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    I visited this one the other day, and I really liked the way you put together the Queen's living area. Very opulent with the contrasting marbles, compared to the simple house below. Overall a very nicely done dimension.
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    Beautiful. I went in there last week to peek. Will definitely stop by again, it was so nice.

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    YES! I see you made a thread!

    It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and thank you so much for the private tour! I truly enjoyed your dimension and I said in another thread that "Queen of Stars" has been so far the best use of Edge of Infinity that I have seen!

    I just love your whole theme and the Queen's palace is a wonderful and elegant build!

    Anyone who has not visited your dimension, I urge you to make a trip to Deepwood and hang out with Apricot, who did a fantastic job!

    OH and I just have to mention your classroom! What a cute, cute area, created with loving detail! Loved it!

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