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Thread: Moving Crate Woes

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    Default Moving Crate Woes

    Ok - I bought my third dimension, activated it in hopes that all of my items would be packed up into the moving crate - which it did, but the wrong one. All of the items are in the starter dimension's crate.

    How can I get all the items into a crate that I can access from my new dimension?

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    The moving crate will only hold the items that were placed in that dimension slot. You could try replacing your new dim (A) with something else (B) then replace the dim containing the moving crate you want (C) with (A) and the items should be packed up into the dim you want to work on. Hope that's not too confusing lol. And of course if you already have items in dim (A) that you don't want to lose progress on, this won't work because they would stay in the moving crate of dim (B).

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