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Thread: Give us the Rift "ecosystem"

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    Default Give us the Rift "ecosystem"

    First a description of the Rift "ecosystem" since I rarely seem the term used, I doubt I'm the only one to use it:

    RIFT ECOSYSTEM: It's just the way that the planes work in Telara. A Rift will spawn and after a little bit of time it will spit out an invasion. That invasion will regroup with five or so invasions (enough to overwhelm a town's wardstone) and take the town, creating a foothold. The foothold will start to make more invasions creating more footholds.


    People have talked about creating the kind of zone events that were in Freemarch where the forces of Jakub's Iron Army took over the zone, swarming with his commanders and invasions. Well, there are many people who didn't like it (I guess since there aren't any zone events like it anymore), and I don't see Trion adding these zone events into any new zones.

    Let us make our own zone events. Let us place a "rift tear" somewhere in our dimension and then locations for a foothold or wardstone, pretty much our own personal onslaught. Think about it!

    I enter the Dormant Core dimension, spawning at the bottom. I look up and the sky is dark, and you can here invasions in the distance. You look down, and there's a death rift! You run to it, fighting invasions coming your way. You fight the stages and it seals. Wait, why is the sky still dark? Is this a DIMENSION EVENT??? You run up the ramp to see footholds everywhere. You look at the invasion that noticed you - and you charge into the brink of death....
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