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Thread: My first Dimension .... Freak's BIG Castle (Faeblight - RP)

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    Default My first Dimension .... Freak's BIG Castle (Faeblight - RP)

    OK, so it's not my first attempt. I made a couple little places on the newbie, free lots. You can see them on PTS (Freak's Keep and Shiga's ... something).

    On Faeblight, I went ahead and used some REX to get moonshade. I built a BIG castle there. Some pics below:

    Walls, courtyard, keep:

    Beer Hall:

    Main Floor, Kitchen:

    2nd - Barracks Floor:

    3rd - Big Drunk's Room:

    3rd Floor Vault:

    Misc shots:

    I have practice dummies, a gate-tower, etc. I'm debating adding a cathedral across the pond, but I need to practice my large arched windows first! Come visit. I could use some feedback as there is a lot of decorating to be done. I already know I need more dwarven chairs ... I don't fish as much right now as I'm building.

    Also, you'll notice most things tend to be on the small scale. My character is a runt.

    I will continue to cross my fingers and hope they allow us to add crafting stations, extra vault space, etc. I have the extra room for them .....

    Thanks for your input!
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