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Thread: Dimension Items that give "cosmetic" buffs

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    Default Dimension Items that give "cosmetic" buffs

    Is it possible to;

    1) Implement an ability for dimension owners to make any item in the dimension clickable and have it provide a cosmetic buff to the player? Perhaps one of each planar glow, perhaps a timed de-buff, even if it was to put a raid marker upon clicking it that would be awesome. If we could R click any object in the dimension and choose from a drop-down menu what buff/de-buff it puts on the player when clicked that would be awesome.

    2) This is the easier option - To implement specific items that when clicked would put a visible "buff" or "de-buff" on the player.

    Things such as timed planar glows, timed run de-buff atc.. would all be very handy.

    This has many uses one of which is enabling more interactive features and activities such as races from marker to marker thruout the dimension etc...

    We have a ton of very cool objects for dimensions, it would be great to see more items that facilitate activities and social aspect of the game.
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    Someone, I think it might of been Dags, was talking about making dims more functional. I'd love to see stuff like that introduced too.

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