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Thread: The Frugal Dimensioneer

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    Default The Frugal Dimensioneer

    Building dimensions isn't cheap, and the sticker shock to a new dimensioneer (and even older ones) can make realizing your visions seem impossible. But there are ways to soften the blow to your virtual wallets. Below is a list of common sense ideas I've seen others mention here and there collected under one roof, and one that we can, hopefully, expand upon.

    Pre-Visualization: Not sure how many building blocks your idea is going to need? Build it with the basics and find out! Stone tiles, metal poles, and wooden boards are available for a fraction of the cost of similar items, and knowing the exact amount beforehand can help eliminate buying more of the expensive items than you need. And, if you're a Toolbox user, you can simply swap the upgraded items in when you can afford them by Copying the old one and Pasting in the new.

    Split the Cost: Need multiples of the same item? Instead of buying them all with the same currency, split the cost between platinum and credits. This concept can be expanded to include your entire dimension. Buying certain items with credits and others with platinum will allow you to hang onto a little more of each and, hopefully, build more.

    The Auction House: Dimension items can be quite expensive, and the resale value back to the vendors is abysmal. Sell those items to other players for less than the Store cost, but more than the vendors are willing to hand out. You recoup some of your losses, and they get an item they need at a discount. It's a win-win situation! That's not to say Caveat Emptor doesn't apply here. It's inevitable that some sleazy little worm is going to try and separate you from your hard earned coin, so make sure to ALWAYS check the Store price before you buy to ensure that you aren't actually paying more than the item is really worth. Additionally, make sure to check the Dimension section of the AH for deals on items you may need.

    Substitutions: Can a cheaper item be used in place of a more expensive item? Sometimes! A good example would be the Wooden Barrel, available in the Store for a staggering 3 platinum. If only one end of the barrel will ever be seen by the public, it's far cheaper to buy the Barrel of Rice for 2 gold and simply flip it so the bottom shows. You get the illusion of a closed barrel and far more change left in your pocket.

    Cast Away: There are some great items available from fishing. The only drawbacks to them are that they're account bound and acquiring the exact one you need isn't guaranteed. The first one really isn't a problem unless you're working on a dimension other than your own. The second one depends on how well you're favored by the RNG gods. It might take you a few tries to get what you need, but you'll likely end up saving (and possibly even earning) some platinum in the process. And, speaking of fishing, Uncle Stan's fishing daily in Tempest Bay is a great way to earn some extra platinum, so make sure to pick it up whenever you can.

    Got any money-saving tips for your fellow dimesioneers? Add them to the list!

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    Awesome post, Zyonyx!

    Now, when I was building my dimension "Remnants of Atlantis", I needed a lot of plants, to get that overgrown feel. The new plants are beautiful and overwhelming, but I mostly opted for the cheaper evergreen shrub, large crown sapling and Orange Broadleaf, some Bend Aqualeaf and Highroot trees.

    All these items can be adjusted easily, to give the desired foliage coverage. I sunk the sapling into the ground, so the crown acted like a shrub.

    I agree that you should always check the NPC vendors, to see if the cheaper versions of things will work as well as any of the new, flashy stuff.

    I also used a mix of plat and credits, in order to pull off the daunting task to decorate Dormant Core.

    Another suggestion is to watch the various toolbox tutorials and visit dimensions, to get an idea of what is possible and what you can achieve with base items.
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    Thanks Zyonyx for starting this thread - great idea!

    I tend to be pretty frugal in most ways so these are the things I do:
    - Learn the most common items and what they cost. Know the price points of special items.
    - Scour the AH for dimension item deals; learn what's a deal and what isn't.
    - Come up with a ballpark budget for each build and try to stick with it.
    - Use the least expensive items most often; building blocks can be crafted too!
    - Use expensive items as enhancements or foci.
    - If your build came in under budget, swap in upgrades as you like.
    - Most important - have fun!
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    Yep, very good post
    OneButton (Half-way now to becoming a two-button player!)
    If there is anything you need, just ask, and I will tell you how to get along Without it!
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    Crafting, although sometimes you can sell the mats for more than you would save, so even when its 'free' it might cost you more money.

    Example, if you can make a Stasis tube then you would think it would be a 'no brainer'. But if you can sell the mats for 14 Plat or buy one on the AH for 10 Plat what do yo do? If making it doesnt give you a point, or youre maxed, I would sell the mats and just buy one, you 'made' 4 Plat.

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    When it's open, pre-build on PTS where you can get more plat. If you don't like an expensive item in a morph it has cost you nothing but time to try again.

    Make use of open dimensions that people have provided to experiment.

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