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Thread: [Laethys] Lythandros Island

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    Default [Laethys] Lythandros Island

    Greetings fellow Rifters If time is on your side or you enjoy viewing dimensions, I cordially invite you to take a trek around Lythandros Island over on Laethys!

    The turret defense system has been reprogrammed, since 2.3, to no longer target Defiant players as hostiles and should no longer shoot down Defiant ships, aircraft, or portals incoming to the island. Feel free to explore all 360 degrees of the island unthreatened. You'll find something everywhere you turn!

    I welcome you to explore the docks below, the solar system up top the tower, and everywhere else in between. There just might even a quiet fishing hut after the path ends to discover.

    The island was originally conceptualized for an elf who finished a long and tedious day battling over at Port Scion that was coming home to rest. Since 2.3, it's been remodeled to simply be a nature grown island with some mysterious projects under construction. The island is Guardian (Elf) themed and intended side story is of a High Elf Cleric trying to reconstruct a Life Dragon in secrecy. Behind all the trees, turret defenses, and shrines to the Vigil designed to distract the viewer; a vile project using Magitech technology is at work!

    Hope you enjoy

    Thank you for your time viewing and happy dimensioning!

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    Default Lovely!

    Thank you so much for the invitation, I really enjoyed looking around your place; so many little things to look at.

    Elite Protector of Telara (Guild)

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    Well, I'm sure glad that you won't shoot us Defiants with your cannon! LOL

    HA, I saw the contraband Guardian magitech devise...

    Love the island and the lush greenery! Beautiful dim.

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    I love the way you used the orbs. Nice dim, thanks for sharing!

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