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Thread: My Castle & Airship Dimension

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    Default My Castle & Airship Dimension

    Hey all, I have just finished my dimension after working on it tirelessly since I bought Storm Legion. I've been eager to show it off but had to resist posting it until I was done. Please let me know what you think, and if anyone wants to see it in person I'm Skycastle on Threesprings server. You can find it by using my name in search or my dimension name "Queen of My Castle".

    You really can't feel the atmosphere by looking at pics so I recommend coming over to see for yourself. I'll be glad to invite you from another shard too, but you would have to tell me how as I have never done it before.

    Also if you like it please vote for me on the facebook contest here
    thanks for looking and hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

    Exterior View
    My Castle & Airship Dimension-2013-01-30_castle-1.jpg
    My Castle & Airship Dimension-2013-01-30_castle-2.jpg
    Master Bedroom
    My Castle & Airship Dimension-2013-01-30_caslte-3.jpg
    My Castle & Airship Dimension-2013-01-30_caslte-4.jpg
    Bathroom view from another angle
    My Castle & Airship Dimension-2013-01-30_caslte-5.jpg
    Theatre with some nice volunteers posing for this pic
    My Castle & Airship Dimension-caslte-6.jpg
    Fortified prison with interrogation room (most people miss this because it's down in the base of the castle)
    My Castle & Airship Dimension-2013-01-30_caslte-7.jpg
    Path leading to my airship! (also another path most people miss since the entrance is behind the castle). You are missing out if you don't take the time to find this!
    My Castle & Airship Dimension-2013-01-30_caslte-8.jpg
    Closer view of my airship as you approach the top
    My Castle & Airship Dimension-2013-01-30_caslte-9.jpg
    Airship entrance
    My Castle & Airship Dimension-2013-01-30_caslte-11.jpg
    Entrance from another angle (if you enlarge the pic you may see my hunt trophies) or you can just visit and see for yourself
    My Castle & Airship Dimension-2013-01-30_caslte-12.jpg
    Clouds with lightning effect
    My Castle & Airship Dimension-2013-01-30_caslte-13.jpg
    Airship Battle!
    My Castle & Airship Dimension-2013-01-30_caslte-14.jpg

    Thanks again for checking out my post, hope to see you in game, and don't forget to vote for the contest if you like it!

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    1 thing - Place the clouds higher. Look's really odd being on the same level as them. Other than that, not bad.

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    Nice!!! I like the covered bed.
    Kagukan - Greybriar - My old dimension "I call it home" Stone Flask Tavern. Latest dimension "Blue Toilet Paper" Moonshade Highlands. Stop by for a visit.

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