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Thread: Future of Dimension Building Blocks

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    Default Future of Dimension Building Blocks

    This question is geared more towards the devs in charge of the code behind dimensions.

    Right now a lot of the dimensional building blocks, when scaled, simply repeat the same texture to accommodate the extra size. This is good and gives things a uniform feel. However these building blocks can only be scaled via one value, which is applied in all 3 dimensions of the object.

    So, since we are already utilizing a repeating texture, is it possible to allow us to control all 3 scaling factors for building blocks... just building blocks, and to possibly extend an given object to an infinite length/width/thickness?

    This would help in several ways.
    1. Less blocks to code. If you can control the length, width, and height, you can make a square, rectangle, or cube from one object. Less coding, less processing.
    2. You could extend one object to cover a large area. Again, this is primarily for building blocks, and would greatly reduce the time and item count required to "build" things.

    For example, I have a castle in Dormant Core. It covers almost all of the available floor space along the bottom of the zone, and consists of 3 floors, plus a tower that is as tall as the first 3 floors. Even then, it barely reaches the path that lets you run up (a long way) to the top of the zone. Frankly my place is huge, and the dimension itself is still so much bigger than I cannot possibly fill it with just 1260 max size building blocks.

    Now, the aforementioned 3 floors and tower take up 500-600 blocks by themselves. This is flooring and outer walls, no inner walls or rooms.
    A lot of it is just long stretches of 10-13 max scale stone rectangles, all set up in a row. And about 5 rows of them to cover the width. That is 50-65 rectangles... If I could take one stone block, and say I want it to be 0.25 thick, 45 wide, and 175.5 long (real values), then I just built most of my floor and can now decorate at least 3 if not 5 rooms. Same thing for the 2nd floor, and a lot of the outer walls... and the game engine would have to render a few hundred less items to boot.

    As a pastime, dimensions are great, and the ability to build your own buildings, boats, X-wing Tai fighters, etc is amazing. But as people get more detailed, we are finding that the item limit just isnt enough, and that we are spending way too much of our item space on a roof and four walls, versus what actually goes inside.
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    I agree! I didn't bother making realistic supports for my patios and such as it would have taken away valuable item count space. I had to use 2 spaces just to make the stove pipe go from the stove to the ceiling where if I could have elongated the pipe enough, one would have sufficed.

    If it would be doable, it would be great for the building blocks! I would much rather spend my item count on details as well. +1
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    Most of my projects i come up with are halfway abandoned because there is just no way i can finish it with the existing item limit. I would love to see either an (massive) increase in item limit or as the OP stated more flexibility with the buildingblocks...or even a mix of both.

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    I thought the same thing when working on my dimension. I wish I could stretch an item along one axis without increasing everything else so I don't have to use as many. From the developer's perspective that probably makes each item a lot bigger data-wise, though.

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    Yes.. yes.. and yes...


    I have had these same thoughts about the limits on scaling and how they affect item count.

    I do understand how some items may not work properly with all 3 dimensions being scaled separately (statues et al).. but most could, and it would really help with the counts!
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    I'd like to see this happen as well. Being able to adjust one value without the other two would be great.

    Also, I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I'm finding the XYZ arrows often times are in the way of seeing the item I'm adjusting. Especially on smaller objects. Would it be possible to make them partially transparent?


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