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Thread: WTB buff bot to go with target dummies

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    Default WTB buff bot to go with target dummies

    It would be greatly helpful if I could but a dimension item that would raid buff (or at least give me LE or Fervor) me so I can test out specs in a more meaningful way without roping another playing into sitting there essentially doing nothing while I test stuff.

    Some raid debuffed target dummies would be great too.
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    Currently these are available on the PTS.

    Copy your character over.

    Click the bear trap near Tempest Bay Teleport.

    There are groups of 1-8 dummies, tank dummies, healling dummies etc that are all raid debuffed and you get a passive buff that accounts for all Raid buffs.

    there are 50/52 and 60/62 dummies.

    As well as a gear merchant for full expert or full raid set. ( along with all crystals, lessers and runes)

    Normal Dungeon Difficulty - lvl 50/52
    Expert - 60/62
    Master - Gear Merchant

    I do not see them implementing this on Live servers.
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