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Thread: Why is there so much extra space??

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    Default Why is there so much extra space??

    I am wondering why dimensions have SO much extra space in them?

    I am not talking about the space inside the green bubble.

    I have loved dimensions since I tested them on beta, and they have a TON of potential! Now completely by accident I noticed the areas outside of the green bubble can be built in, and in fact exist and are fully accessible(kinda of).

    To head off any 'exploit' talk I will say that these out of green bubble areas can be gotten to in many ways from inside the bubble and I cannot have been the first one to notice this since I reported all of this during beta.

    This all brings me to my big question, why? Why is this area not accessible, why are dimensions less than half the size they could be(some more some less)?

    I really wonder if the green bubble is a starting point, just a test of long term stability, will the extra room be available for purchase at some point? What are your thoughts?

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    I've known they can be built in but have not physically gone past them. How far have you gone? Does the world drop off at any point or can you go all the way from Stillmoor to Droughtlands?

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