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Thread: Dimension Genre's

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    Default Dimension Genre's

    For those of you aspiring to make dimensions there is more you can do than just the typical decorate the house look. Some genre's that the community has come up with are:

    1. Museum
    2. Club/Stripclub
    3. Duel Arena's
    4. Jump Puzzle
    5. Slides
    6. Horse/Racing Tracks

    I encourage all the veteran dimension builders to try out a different type of dimension genre. Also it would be nice if in the future Trion could allow dimension builders to categorize their dimension so people searching could find something a bit easier. Also in the future to promote the different types of genres it'd be cool if we could use NPC's and scripting to make a truly awesome experience.

    Trion please look at Star Trek Online's Foundry system.

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    I'd suggest another genre for the list called "Themed".

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    Dimensions can be built for any RP purpose, as well. I built an elemental temple dimension for my elemental mage to replenish her energies, two different forges for her workplaces, training grounds for a guildmate's military character, quarters for the guild, and a healing retreat. Friends have built gardens, boats, and any variety of places that a character might "use".


    RP-Elemental Temple, Bryar:

    RP-Glass Forge and Lab, Akrysse (an excerpt from her in guild advertisement of her glass working services)

    Magitech Quarters, Bryea

    RP-Great Forge, Arachnea. (a pic of a particle beam cutting through a collapsed mining tunnel from a recent rp scenario, pic and device by Grayald)
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    In my journeys as a dimension tourist I have encountered (in addition to those already listed) caves, mazes, castles, hotel/resorts, jungles, pirate ships, Hello Kitty's Island Adventure (lol), and many others!
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