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Thread: Fishing guide

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    Default Fishing guide

    With Battle Pass season 2, Storm Legion puzzles have been added to the weekly quests. The Morban puzzle requires 7 Strangely Mutated Fish. These can be found in the water basin east in/of the biofoundry. (Ashora)
    For a full guide on the Morban Puzzle : https://www.cadrift.net/puzzles/storm-legion/morban/

    A slightly outdated fishing guide can be found here : http://pwniversity.com/rift/professions/fishing

    For some extra tips and tricks, I will add this guide.

    Fishing in the zones still requires the basic levels as were known in above mentioned guide.

    Fishing pools require +5 skill levels over the basic zone fishing skill requirement.

    You can fish in tempest bay waters at skill 270, you will however only fish up grey junk there.

    https://rift.magelo.com/en/tradeskill/16/fishing has an oversight for most if not all fishing related recipes.
    https://rift.magelo.com/en/recipe/63...l-Fishing-Rune is the runecrafter recipe for the fishing rune.

    One can use a fishing rune to enhance the levelling speed.
    While equipped, the rune gives +50 to the skill level. This means, that you will have a chance at getting more fish per catch when fishing in a zone that is at or lower than your skill level.
    It also means, that you can train recipes that are upto 50 skillpoints higher than your own skill level. With that, you can make the items from those recipes to gain skill points.

    The Celestial fishing rune is a shoulder rune, does not stack with other runes and can be overwritten by other runes.
    For the fishing skill I would suggest getting a cheap piece of gear, adding the rune to that and just keep it in your bag till you go fishing. Since most players will fish at a location where they will not be interrupted by mobs/attacks, you don't necessarily need a high tier shoulderpiece for it.

    Example.. your own skill level is 280. That's a skill that would allow you to fish in Mathosia (zones for char level 1 to 50) and in Tempest Bay.

    Getting from 280 to 300 in skill points can take some time fishing for skill points. With the rune equipped, your skill level virtually goes up to 330 (280 + 50), at which level you can train the recipe rare brevanic fish lure.
    This is a trained, special lure recipe and crafting the lures should last an easy 20 skill points. So crafting the lures while having the shoulderpiece+ lure equipped will get you easily to skill 300.
    When you reach skill 300 (350 on the rune) you will need to train the next tier to level further.

    At skill 300 (with rune 350) and the tier trained, you can train the recipe for enduring magnetic lure. You can train that recipe upto the virtual skill 375, which would be be your own skill 325.
    At your own skill 325, you can train the rare brevanic fish lure and level your skill up to 350 crafting those lures.

    Don not forget to unequip the gearpiece with the rune, if you return to crafting items at your original skill level to gain skill points.

    Depending on mats available and skills available, you can decide for yourself how you want to level fishing.
    At skill 300, there is a dimension recipe for fishing as well.

    All special recipes.. special lures, dimension recipes.. last 30 skill points max. Sidenote to that.. the last 5 skillpoints in that 30 can come at slow speed and cost extra mats.

    The fish lure recipes for catching a specific fish last only 5 skill points, same as the fishing pole recipes.

    FISH BOT 9000.. Some players may have come across it already.. For fishing, you need both char level and skill level.
    A char level 10 can reach skill level 375 with above mentioned method, but will still need the char level requirement to fish in higher level zones. Fishing in Stillmoor at skill 300 while being char level 10 will grant you a fatal visit from the Fishbot 9000.. yes fatal as in deadly.

    For the mutated fish, you will most likely need char level 45 (summon) or 50. At level 50 you get the quest to talk to the ambassador near your hometown portal (sanctum/meridian) and travel to Brevane.

    The skill level required for fishing in the biofoundry water is 300. Theoretically, the pools for the strangely mutated fish will be skill 305 required.
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