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Thread: Outfitter Lacking Dexterity Recipes via Trainer

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    Default Outfitter Lacking Dexterity Recipes via Trainer

    Has anyone else noticed that all the recipes outside normal cloth/leather (ie, augments, seals) are Intelligence-related?

    I'm currently at 260 Outfitter, and the trainer has given me 13 augment and 2 seal recipes—ALL of which grant bonuses to Intelligence. Does this trend continue past 300? I find it pretty unfair that I have to fork out crafting marks to get Dexterity-related recipes while Intelligence gets a free pass, so to speak. It's actively pissing me off!

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    All that stuff is useless, augments died years ago. So it doesn't matter what you get atm because you won't be using that stuff anyway. But to answer your question, certain profs have more main stat heavy recipes. Pretty sure outfitter makes the mage/cleric stuff and artificer makes the rogue/prima/warrior stuff.
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    certain dex crafted items were never from outfitter, but craft related... dex augments come from weaponsmith, weapon enhancements for AP come from weaponsmith.

    seals .. intel seal from outfitter, dex seal from weaponsmithing, strength I think is apo, tank from armorsmithing and wis from artificer

    (not counting primalist)

    gear for rogue..
    leather clothing, outfitter
    cape outfitter
    daggers/bow weaponsmith
    jewelry (neck,
    ring, earring) artificer
    seal weaponsmith

    gear for mage
    cloth gear... outfitter
    seal outfitter
    daggers weaponsmith
    totem artificer
    staff artificer
    wand artificer
    jewelry artificer
    cape outfitter

    armor armorsmithing
    seal apothecary
    cape armorsmithing
    weapons weaponsmithing
    jewelry artificer

    armor armorsmithing
    seal artificer
    cape armorsmithing
    ranged weapon artificer
    staff/totem artificer
    2hand weaponsmith
    jewelry artificer

    weapon enhancements AP weaponsmith
    SP artificer

    speed boost enhancements outfitter
    block boost.. armorsmith

    boost vials for stats.. apo

    trinkets upto level 65.. mixture.. can't recall the specifics, but there are crafted dps and tank trinkets for each calling, made by different professions.. the upgrade mats are made by apo

    as for augments..

    dex based from weaponsmith
    strength based apo
    tank based armorsmith
    wisdom based artificer
    intel based outfitter
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