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Thread: what happened to the crafting economy and is there any real reason to do it now?

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    Default what happened to the crafting economy and is there any real reason to do it now?

    Is there any benefit in crafting gear or raising your skill to cap now?
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    The helm and ranged weapon are crafted and best in slot. Also amenders are needed for alot of upgrades.

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    Most crafts have been degraded to providing a handful or less consumables/components for upgrading gear and/or stats. There is something useful in every craft, but 99% of the recipes are garbage (unless you want them for wardrobe .. but even then the AH is probabkly cheaper and less hassle).

    The fact is, even in NMT, you tended to make better money from selling harvested items than coverting them into gear (except in the first week or two of teh expansion). In SFP (as it was called at 4.0) even the starter gear was a waste of time as world drops got you the hit you needed. I can barely sell 250 hit world gear anymore (I guess people are largely done with alts).

    As for the BiS helm and ranged, don't craft and try to sell them. You are better off selling the components. I could barely give away the excess warrior gun I had made... sold for less than mat cost in the end.

    As always, raid consumables (insoles pots etc) and gear upgraders are in constant demand.
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