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Thread: No recipes above 450 to train but my skill is 452

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    Default No recipes above 450 to train but my skill is 452

    I boosted a character with the level 65 boost and got Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing to 452 but the trainer will not offer me any of the new recipes at 450+.

    Is there a character level requirement to get these recipes or something?

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    Go to the tempest bay trainers. meridian and sanctum trainers wont give you highercrafting stuffs
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    Default Same problem

    Just need to know how to get recopies with a skill > 450

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dadrhus View Post
    Just need to know how to get recopies with a skill > 450
    As was written nearly two years ago in the reply just above yours, go to Tempest Bay. Find the crafting area and talk to the trainers there. And later on, the hologram at the end.

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    If the trainers can't provide you with recipes for your level (which will happen in the current highest tier 450-525), check the rift store for recipes.

    Do the crafting dailies, they are almost certain to give a skill point till around skill level 515/520.
    The crafting dailies also give the artisan marks you need to buy the recipes in store.

    also, yellow recipes from skill 445 may last a bit longer.. as long as they are still green, they can give skill points and it's one way of getting rid of old mats.

    As for harvesting skills.. butchering, mining and foraging.. you can check the runes for these skills to get a boost on your skill, so you can train the higher tier bulk recipes. Just make sure to unequip them if you are farming to level. You'll have a better chance at getting skill points without them, yet you get more mats with them when farming mats.

    Fishing rune... grants a chance at fishing up 1 to 3 or 4 fishes per catch. It also makes you able to use a higher level fishing pole and fish in higher fishing-level area (if your own level allows you to fish in that area).
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