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Thread: cloth and bolts

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    Default cloth and bolts

    starweave cloth is still 6 gold a piece but using 3 of them to craft yourself a bolt will net you 12 gold, shouldn't the bolt be 18 gold to vendor? i understand the dev opinion is you shouldn't be able to make profit off of vendoring raw bulk material conversions, which may be to prevent botters, but i still do disagree with it. that being said a lot of other materials i checked such as hide > leather, herbs > extract and ore > bar all cost 2x vendor price of their raw counterpart to accomodate the recipe cost to craft.

    would seem it was a shotgun decision to make bolts require 3 cloth and this happened after the prices were assigned. i have reported this a few times and haven't seen a change, i would imagine the players would have seen a QUICK fix if the opposite scenario existed and the recipe required 2 cloth but the bolts vendor price was 18gold

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    The AH levels out the "true" market. Dumping trash is just a bottom floor. (which is funny when the AH price is lower than vendor trash)

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