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Thread: is it me?

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    Default is it me?

    Or should I really regret not upgrading my crafted gear, helm and ranged... Seems like the cost just skyrocketed!

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    Yes you should regret it. Not only did you get use up your planarite initially to craft it, you now get to use 60k to upgrade each piece.

    One more time sink/farming mechanic. We should be used to the new direction by now no? Pointless regression to upgrade items, and we are surprised?

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    They reduced the price of the initial craft, removing the requirement for a Visionary amender and 2 Tenebrean Planar Attuners.

    Those make a Prophetic amender, which has been added to the price of the upgrade.

    The total materials cost of a new item upgraded one stage is the same as it was.

    If you had an unupgraded piece prior to the patch, the price of upgrading it has gone up by 1 amender & 2 attuners (in the form of a Prophetic amender). Not quite so bad as you said.

    This removes the requirement for crafters to buy Tenebrean Planar Attuners with their own Planarite, or get people to gift them for Credits. It's up to the final owner of the item to come up with the Planarite (or use credits), Planarite is pretty easy to come by, you will get some just completing the quest for the upgrade.

    We asked for this sort of a change, and I'm grateful to see it.
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