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Thread: Visionary Recipes

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    Default Visionary Recipes

    I have maxed out my Artificing and Runecrafting (525). I tried to buy Visionary Artificing and Runecrafting recipes off from the hologram NPC in Tempest bay but there are none listed. I also tried to buy them in the Rift store - again not listed. Yes, I checked the level range listed on the side = 1-525 and my character is level 70. I logged onto another toon and found that he could see the recipes listed on the Hologram NPC and the Rift Store. This issue has been with me for weeks. I CAN see other Visionary recipes for sale, just none for the above crafts. Any help would be greatly appreciated (yes, I opened a ticket ....no response yet).

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    you probably already bought them

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    I think I know what your problem is. Visionary recipes are on the crafting trainer NOT the hologram merchant in Tempest Bay. amenders are on the holo though.

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