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Thread: Looking for NPC Armor of the Planes - Dust of the Void

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    Default Looking for NPC Armor of the Planes - Dust of the Void


    I was hoping to farm some Dust of the Void and according to Magelo there is a NPC
    that sells it (?) called Armor of the Planes, located in Planetouched Wilds,
    Shimmersand and Ashora

    Has anyone ever come across this before? I checked a few places and there was no such NPC, so my assumption is that is may be a wandering vendor.

    If anyone else knows of a good way to farm Dust of the Void, please share!

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    Never seen it. Farming rifts is probably your best bet for getting more (although you could probably farm the plat to get it on the AH faster).

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    Dust of the Void is no longer sold by the store/NPCs.
    Not that I ever saw Armor of the Planes either.

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