I recently returned to game,
I note that in general crafting to new tier is pretty much same as before, tho I wish to note the obvious ridiculous cash grab by making ALL the lvl 70 recipies marks or credit only, previously the "world/expert tier gear was purchased while the special T1 gear tier was by marks. hence now you need to buy like 20 recipies per craft with marks, or credit, kinda makes me feel like no longer pursuing crafting as its obviously cash grab, not even plat grab, flat out cash.
which personally peeves me cause I have all crafting across 4 toons and all were capped in skill with some of the planar recipies, and most of the amenders. maybe I will pursue to get new amender recipies, but probable cost same to just buy a finished one from someone else, or a guildie
makes me unhappy, not a thing that makes me feel like I made a good choice in returning, saying this to point it out to dev's what are the things that put us down, instead of pushing us to enjoy the game